Amaranth Flour Rajgira from The Himalayas 450gm Pack of 2
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  • Arena Organica brings to you this Amaranth Flour Also Known As Rajgira Atta
  • All Our Products Have Been Extracted From The Himalayas. The Products Are Pure Organic Unpolished.
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Amaranth flour is 100% gluten-free food. It was a major food crop of the Aztecs 6000 years ago. Because of the high proteins minerals and vitamins present in amaranth those ancient cultures used this food as a major staple in their diets. Amaranth is grown in Africa India China Russia South America and North America. Amaranth is gaining popularity because of its several healthh benefits. Amaranth is a pseudo - grain which means it is not a grain technically. It is an economical replacement for quinoa with similar benefits. Amaranth flour is versatile full of whole-grain nutrition and enhances the flavour of many recipes. Naturally gluten-free it contains all nine essential amino acids and lysine a protein missing in most grains. Amaranth flour is a good source of iron magnesium and phosphorus.

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