Certified Organic Children's Cereals Whole Wheat Chocos 200 g ( No Chemicals / No Preservatives / No Added Maida )
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  • Produced and Processed as per NOP / NPOP Standards S
  • Store in an air tight glass or stainless stell container in a cool and dry place.
Arya Farm Certified Organic Whole Wheat Chocos 200 g The World Is Going Organic. Organic farming produces plant and animal foods without the excessive use of chemicals. It focuses on using fertile soil along with a variety of crops to maintain healthgrowing conditions. This produces food with more nutrients and less chemicals than typical commercial foods. Organic farming prohibits the circulation of GM foods a controversial issue among commercial growers. Why choose Arya? Arya is an ancient Sanskrit word which means Excellent! We at Arya Farm ensure we bring that excellence in each and every product we create for you by handpicking the farmers and also the ingredients. Our products are fresher than others because of our short supply cycle to stores.

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