Combo Of Stevia All Purpose Powder, Brown Powder, Premium Blend Powder Pack Of 3, Each 200 gm ( 7.05 0Z)
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  • 100% natural sweetener and extract of Stevia plant
  • Easy to use: Can be added easily to unsweetened tea/coffee/protein shake/juice. Sweetness: 1 Microspoon = 1 tsp of sugar.
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Pluck One's Stevia - a 100% natural sweetener and extract of Stevia plant. It comes from a plant and can add to daily hot/cold beverage. It can sweeten any drink & food and suitable for all ages. From farm to shelf, Pluck One do it all in-house - without any chemicals, fillers or anti caking agents. We are a family run company and we only sell Stevia that we ourselves add to food and drinks DAILY!