Indian Ocean Blue Bath Salt with Pure Kiwi Seed and Olive Oil by Soulflower | Foot and Body Detox | Calming and Exfoliating Aromatherapy Organic Sea Salts | 100% Vegan | Perfect Gift | 500gm

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SOULFLOWER INDIAN OCEAN BLUE BATH SALT STORY Our mineral rich sea salt is mined from the Indian Ocean. This natural bath salt is an Aromatherapy From The Roots Of India that draws out impurities from your body, relieves and relaxes muscles and soothes irritation. It helps you enjoy your bath with pure trace minerals and earth energy. The incredible harmony of nature, flora, and purity in Soulflower Indian Ocean Blue Bath Salt is a healing therapy for your mind and body. Product Description Nutrients rich Indian Ocean Blue Bath Salt is a pure mineral compound of 80% sea salt from Indian Ocean bed, kiwi seed oil, olive oil, 10% Sodium Bicarbonate & 10% Sodium Borate and other essential minerals. Traditionally know for its therapeutic properties Soulflower Indian Ocean Blue sea salt has a rich fruity aroma and its easily dissolvent in warm water. It exfoliates, rejuvenates and conditions skin, calms your body and soul, revitalizes and relaxes tired muscles, lightens skin blemishes, reverses aging signs and promotes positivity. This bath salt works great for all skin type, gives your skin a soft and supple glowing appearance and works great for smelly feet. USAGE Add 3 spoons of Soulflower Indian Ocean Blue Bath Salt to warm water & circulate well. Settle in and soak your body or feet into the warm water. Mix with Soulflower essential oil or massage oil and use as a scrub. Rinse thoroughly.