Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil 3.4 Fl Oz
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    Design:Jwalini Treatment | Size:100 mlProduct DescriptionThis product is prescribed in Ayurveda as a treatment for smooth soft and clear skin.It is an excellent after-sun remedy. It is appropriate for the entire body including face. Retexturising Skin Treatment is formulated from natural herbs processed in pure coconut milk and sesame oil. The herbal ingredients which include costus and cardamom when used in tandem are known for their Varneekarana properties - the ability to enhance skin texture. Costus is especially known for its remedial treatment of mild skin irritations. Appropriate for entire body or affected skin area.From the Manufacturer How to UseAlthough not necessary we recommend heating the oil beforehand. To heat simply immerse in warm water in the sink for a couple of minutes. Massage gently all over the body ideally before taking shower a steam bath or sauna. The hot temperature stimulates circulation bringing Blod towards the skin surface opening up the glands so they can drink the nourishing oil. For best results cleanse post-treatment with Kama Soap-free Body Cleanser or a mild soap. Ingredients Cocos Nucifera OilAlso known as Coconut oil or Coconut Milk. Cocos Nucifera helps keep the skin soft and smooth. It also helps prevent premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin. It removes dandruff helps in checking greying and falling of hair and makes the hair look lustrous. It is also known to heal stretch marks. It is mild thus works well for sensitive skin. Elettaria CardamomumElettaria Cardamomum also known as Green Cardamom is pungent and aromatic in nature. It possesses dermatological and anti-microbial qualities. It soothes inflamtory symptoms in the skin. Sesamum Indicum OilSesamum Indicum Oil also known as Sesame Oil or Til ka tel is used in health treatments and massages for the body. It is a great remedy for migraine and insomnia and also releffs Anxieety. This oil is also believed to cure health problems associated with aggravation of Vata. The oil also removes wrinkles and is a natural moisturiser. It also prevents premature greying Lose of hair and lice and helps in hair growth.