Barley Grass Powder 200gms
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  • Immune Boosting Barley Grass is naturally high in many key nutrients that help to support the immune system such as vitamins minerals amino acids antioxidants and enzymes.
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Health benefits of barley grass include relief from ulcerative colitis and strengthening of the immune system. It cleanses and detoxifies the body protects from radiation and cellular damage fights addiction and regenerates damaged cells and tissues. It also maintains healthy skin and an appropriate acid-alkali balance contributes to bone metabolism promotes agility and exerts rejuvenating effects on the entire body. What is Barley Grass? Barley grass refers to the young soft green shoots which crop up on the barley plant. It is amongst the earliest grown sweetgrass in the world and traces its history even before 5000 BC. The discoverer of barley grass pronounces it as ‘nature’s best fast food’ attributing to its nutrient-dense profile and multidimensional benefits which were also the reasons for its popularity amongst the ancient Greeks and Romans. Apart from being used as livestock feed recently it has been gaining a lot of popularity around the globe for its ability to cure a broad spectrum of diseases. Barley Grass Nutrition Facts Barley is a nutrient-rich superfood loaded with vitamins such as vitamin A vitamin B1 (thiamine) vitamin B2 (riboflavin) vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin B6 folate vitamin C (ascorbic acid) vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) and vitamin K (phylloquinone). It contains an abundance of electrolytes such as magnesium phosphorous and potassium along with other essential minerals such as zinc iron and calcium. Barley grass is also a rich provider of powerful antioxidants essential amino acids and beneficial enzymes. It also supplies valuable fiber to the body and does not offer any harmful cholesterol. Suggested Dosage: ½ to 4 teaspoons per day added to smoothies juice water rice milk yogurt or any other foods. Barley grass should be introduced gradually to enable the body to get used to any detoxification reaction.

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