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  • Basil Soap (100 Gm) || Almond Cream (50 Gm) ||Almond Shampoo (100 ml) || Aloe Mint Face Wash (50 Gm) || Digestall Churna (12 sachet)
  • Directions - Use Basil Soap and Almond Shampoo while tak... (Read More)
Give the gift of health. This combo contains Basil Soap Almond Cream Almond Shampoo Aloe Mint Face Wash and DigestAll Churna. Basil Soap combines the properties of Tulsi Khubani Indian Grass Juniper Berries and Coconut Oil and regular use helps in reversing signs of ageing removes blemishes and gives you a long lasting freshness. Almond Cream nourishes and moistens the skin and makes it silky smooth. Almond Shampoo nourishes the scalp and the roots of the hair and it is effective against hair Lose. Aloe Mint Face Wash acts as a moisturizer and helps in preventing early signs of aging and fine wrinkles. DigestAll Churna stimulates the deigestive fire helps pass gass and gets rid of that heavy feeling you experience after a meal.