Punjabi Aam Papar

Have a Sour Taste of India

Here is another way to Spread love and carry on tradition with our amazing mango flavors. We provide the best quality of Ampapar to everyone. A traditional Amritsaria taste, Flavors of Punjab introduces you to the 50 yrs old traditional brand of Ram Lubhaya Ampapars. We have an entire range of Ampapars, Gajjaks, Choorans, Golis, Masala, Peda, Toffee and vadiyan to give our customers a taste of the best soothing experience. Our Products are prepared and packed under hygienic conditions. We spread the love and carry on the tradition of these amazing flavours. We at Flavors Of My City bring the flavors of Punjab for you in a pack of tangy, sweet and sour Aam Papad